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Are you wrongly charged with penalties? Do you want to apply for VAT reconsideration? If the answer to these questions is yes, we at Parsh can help you file a reconsideration request. In case you think that FTA has wrongly imposed penalties and you want FTA to review its decision, then we are here to help you. We offer transparent services based on years of experience.

VAT Penalty Reconsideration

VAT reconsideration is a facility that allows a taxable individual to request the review of the decision of FTA where a penalty is imposed. A business should comply with tax laws in order to run smoothly. If there is a case of non-compliance, fines and penalties are charged by the FTA. However, there are situations when a business follows all the rules and regulations but still penalties are imposed. In such a scenario, when the business owner is not convinced by the FTA’s decision, he may apply for VAT reconsideration within 20 days of receiving the penalty. The authorities will review the decision and might waive off the penalty if the taxpayer proves his case.

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How to Apply?

VAT reconsideration can be easily applied online. The reconsideration form is available on the website of FTA. Remember that if you want to submit a reconsideration request then the application with the supporting documents should be submitted in Arabic only. FTA does not entertain applications submitted in English. To apply for reconsideration, you must have a strong case with evidence and reasons.

Documents Required for the VAT Reconsideration Form

In order to support your VAT reconsideration application, you need to provide supporting documents. Following are the documents required for submission.

  • 1. VAT registration number
  • 2. Copy of the passport of the authorized signatory
  • 3. Emirates ID of the authorized signatory
  • 4. Proof of Authorization
  • 5. Amount and date of the penalty
  • 6. A case study letter with all the details of the issue with any other supporting documentation required.
VAT Reconsideration Response Time

If your VAT reconsideration request is valid and complete, you may expect a response in 40 business days. In case the application is incomplete, FTA will request additional information which may take 40 days after re-submission.

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If you have been wrongly penalized by FTA, exercise your right to ask for a reconsideration. We will provide assistance throughout the whole process. Reach out to us for any queries. Our experts will help you fill out the application form, and prepare your case and will help in fulfilling all the requirements of the FTA. Get in touch today!

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