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Audit Assistance services in Dubai

For an audit to be precise and accurate the most essential factor would be the company's ability to keep track of its income and expenses depending on its accounting and bookkeeping services. An ideal accountant assists in the efficient operation of the company by ensuring the accuracy of its financial accounts, which will consequentially help in the meticulous Audit of the firm.

Planning to audit in-house by maintaining accounts and professional financial records is not the ideal course of action for an organization or a company. It might turn out to be an inefficient process or might even lead to a negative impact on the firm, as the in-house process might not be able to provide the care and competence required to maintain such financial records, which will eventually lead to a faulty or erroneous audit. This is primarily because a firm might have numerous other priorities and cannot prioritize its resources on the maintenance of financial records for Audit over its functioning, and hence as a result, it might risk making errors in its financial records leading to a faulty audit.

The two main factors that influence whether an organization chooses to outsource accounting services for business processes are an administrative burden, and finance personnel costs. Outsourcing accounting to prepare accurate audits will reduce the firm’s administrative burden and will lead to increased flexibility to meet changing business needs, and enhanced company focus, with the assurance of service continuity.

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Why Choose Parsh for your Audit Assistance?

Parsh simplifies and assists in your audit process by providing a range of professional and regulatory-compliant accounting services throughout the UAE, and each of these services is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your firm. Our tech-driven accounting specialists seek to comprehend the internal dynamics of your company to meet your accounting needs and will ensure detailed financial records, which will lead to a proper audit. During the audit, we will take complete care of the accounting part and additionally assist the auditor, clear their queries if any, and ensure smooth coordination to get your audit done and stamped promptly. With us on your side, you will be in complete compliance with all the statutory regulations. We are here to inform you at the earliest if any errors or inconsistencies are detected in your accounts, which may later hamper your process of auditing and stamping. We also make it a point to analyse our client's accounts and advise changes to strengthen the internal control system and the reliability of the financial data.

Scope of Work

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of Financial Records
  • Analysis of Financial Records
  • Coordination with Auditor
  • Assistance in Audit Report
  • Regulatory Compliance
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