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If you want your business's accounts accurate and trustworthy, then here we are. The management of accounts is currently the most important aspect for businesses, especially in the UAE. People from all over the world also seek to start or expand their businesses in DUBAI. Parsh offers you accounting and bookkeeping services with a competent and enthusiastic team. How much additional profitable might your small business be if you had the time to target the particular business rather than handling a variety of administration tasks? Parsh offers you the best accounting firm in Dubai for higher management of your accounting and bookkeeping functions. Leverage the advanced technical experience of our team members to assist you in understanding multiplied profitability through potential gains and sturdy accounting and bookkeeping services which permit you to reduce the time you pay on these functions. Timely, price effective, ascendible solutions, bespoken for small business clerking, from Parsh transform business growth for your company. .

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Accounting Systems In Dubai

Recording, classifying, and summarizing financial records is what accounting is. However, the art of maintaining financial transactions is not an easy task, for that you need professionals who provide the most precise auditing services in Dubai.

Bookkeeping In Dubai

Systematic or day-to-day basis recording and organizing of financial transactions in a company are identified as bookkeeping. It is vital for businesses as well as for individual and non-profit organizations.

Vat In Dubai
VAT Services

VAT registration in UAE is crucial for business as it enhances the trust of clients in the company. It is an indirect tax imposed on the consumption of goods or services that has been adopted by many countries globally.

Vat Training Consultancy In Dubai
Training & Consultancy

Lack of knowledge leads to a considerable loss. Only business is not sufficient to survive in the market, but knowledgeable and active employees are also needed. Every company must possess knowledge about VAT and other taxes to take business higher.

Startup Services In Dubai
Start Up services

New startups are always welcomed in UAE. New business seekers want to start or grow their business in UAE because of convenience and emerging popularity. Experts in Parsh help new businesses to stand in the market.

Back Office Support In Dubai
Back Office Support

Maintaining indirect taxes or filing income taxes is not always sufficient but handling the day-to-day management of your business is more crucial. The back office team is not client-facing and part of a company that involves administration and support personnel.

Financial Health Report
Financial Health Report

Financial health reports refer to the financial position of a business at the end of the business year. At Parsh, our experts help your business to maintain its financial statement accurately and fairly.

Financial Health Report

“ You can’t tax business. Business doesn’t pay taxes. It collects taxes.” - Ronald Reagan

Do You Know
Do You Know?
  • Standard Rate of VAT in UAE is 5%.
  • Taxable supplies can be standard rate, Zero rate or exempted
  • Threshold limit for voluntary registered is AED 187500. It means that if taxable supplies in past 12 month or in next 30 days is AED 187500 or more, voluntary registration can be done.
  • If taxable supplies in previous 12 months or next 30 days is AED 375000 or more, it is mandatory to register for VAT in UAE.
  • If a business is registered for VAT, it is mandatory to file VAT return as on due dates given by Federal tax Authority.
  • Minimum penalty for first default in filing vat return is AED 1000 and AED 2000 thereafter.
  • Penalty for non payment of VAT is 2% and increase till the payment is done.
  • Penalty for non filing of VAT return is different from Penalty for Non Payment of VAT.
  • Registrant can apply for Tax de registration, if the value of taxable supplies during past 12 months was less than mandatory threshold.
  • Registrant can apply for Tax de registration only upon completion of 12 months from the date of registration.
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