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The VAT system implemented in Dubai is still new and many business owners need qualified and professional tax advisors to support their businesses. We at Parsh offer VAT amendment services with our team of highly qualified tax consultants. Our expert advice and services will ease your VAT journey.

VAT Amendment in UAE

Once your business is registered under the VAT law, there may arise a need to make amendments to the details you have provided in the application. Any such amendment should be notified to the FTA within 20 days of the change. These amendments can be easily done online following the process given below.

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VAT Amendment Process

A. For changes that do not need FTA approval

There are certain changes for which no prior approval from the FTA is required. Here are the steps to make such changes.

  • 1. Visit the VAT registration online portal of FTA.
  • 2. Open your approved VAT registration application under the dashboard tab.
  • 3. Click edit and update the information. Only the following information can be updated without approval;
  •           ▣ Any changes or addition to business activities
  •           ▣ GCC activities of the company
  •           ▣ Update in Customs registration information
  • 4. After making the necessary changes, click submit and the changes will reflect in your profile.

B. For changes that need FTA approval

There are certain changes that need approval from FTA. Here are the steps to make such changes.

  • 1. Send written notification to the FTA regarding the changes that need to be made.
  • 2. In case, FTA gives approval, changes can be made.
  • 3. After getting the approval, click on the amendment and make the changes. Following changes can be made.
  •           ▣ Change in business details
  •           ▣ Change in bank details
  •           ▣ Update VAT application
  •           ▣ Update declarations
  •           ▣ Update business relations
  •           ▣ Changes in estimated or actual financial transactions
  •           ▣ Changes in details of authorized signatory.
  • 4. After making the changes review the details once again and click review and submit.

An important point to note here is that if a VAT-registered business fails to inform the FTA about any significant changes made, a penalty of AED 5000/- is levied. Hence it is important to be aware of the VAT norms and process to make amendments.

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