Reason to hire a VAT Consultant in Dubai

A VAT return in Dubai can be a massive problem for every business, and if the registrar fails to file a VAT Return on time, the business owner may face huge penalties and losses. Hiring a VAT consultant in Dubai is the right way to eliminate the Tax & vat challenges. A VAT consultant is the one who is going to manage all your income taxes, including filling direct and indirect tax.

Value Added Tax

The concept of VAT for Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners are newly introduced to the country on 1st January 2018 in UAE. VAT is a form of tax that is a new source of income for the government which is used to provide high-quality public service. The standard rate of Value Added Tax is 5% for residents living in that country. However, tourists have a right to claim a VAT refund by 85% when they leave out of the country.

Importance of VAT in UAE

Implementing Value Added Tax in your business will help you to boost your businesses’ profile. If you have plans to start up a Business in Dubai on a small or large scale based, you have to register your business under the VAT laws. After research on the market, Still Difficult to Understand Dubai’s market and VAT laws. So here are some reasons to hire the best and the most reliable VAT consultants in Dubai. Even the VAT registration in Dubai is not easy to understand, without expert help.

Reason to Hire VAT Consultant in Dubai

Better Knowledge & Experienced Team

Experienced VAT consultants have Better knowledge related to the taxation circle. When you hire a vat consultant in Dubai, they visit your working place to have a better understanding of your business model. They will make financial health reports which can be beneficial to estimate the company’s financial position and helps to make decisions for your company. Professional VAT consultants doing extra effort to ensure that the VAT filed is correct. An Experienced tax consultant is capable of avoiding all common mistakes made during the VAT return in UAE.

Time-Saving & Reduce Risks:

Another important reason for hiring a VAT consultant services in Dubai is reducing the time for analysis of the company’s performance. VAT Experts in Dubai have great experience in dealing with every possible risk related to VAT and advise the best option available for a company.

Maintain Records related to VAT Compliance

VAT Experts has to maintain all the records of Clients' detail safely. They are obligate to maintain data safe. VAT consultants minimize the risk of data and take care of full measures to secure all documents of clients. VAT Experts also ensure that documents are cross-checked with all the confidential documents as per the provision of UAE VAT laws.

Maximizing Your Profitability

Every business has Prime goal is to make Profits and make business as a “Brand”. However, tax planning should be part of your Company Business's Strategy. A Tax expert helps you to make Tax planning and Strategy. They will help you to make a financial health report which can be beneficial to estimate your financial position and where your company actually exists.

Responsibilities of VAT Consultant in Dubai include:

  • Maintain Accounting and Bookkeeping records
  • Accomplish the VAT filing 
  • Ensure compliance with UAE Government laws
  • Maintain Records of VAT Compliance according to UAE VAT Laws

VAT Consultant in Dubai

The Companies registered Under the UAE VAT Laws are facing some problems while implementing VAT in their business stream to ensure that they are VAT compliant. To fulfill VAT Compliance, required an experienced and qualified team of VAT Consultants in Dubai like PARSH to support the businesses and provide trustworthy public service to the clients with the necessary expertise and knowledge regarding VAT & Tax laws.

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