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Lead by a Chartered Accountant, we are a brand where you deal directly with experts. We are proud and happy company, providing UAE world class accounting and VAT services. Parsh is professional company based in Business Bay, Dubai and we work for happy companies.


Accounting acts as a catalyst in the creation of successful business. It ensures smooth functioning and and plays vital role for any Business organization.Accounting track all fiscal and business transactions of the company and a regular check on the future ones which also assists to determine the financial stability and in making of important decisions during a particular period.

We've been serving in Dubai and all across UAE with our 360-degree accounting solutions to various companies. We understand the need for proper accounting services and the bars and difficulties connected with it.



Bookkeeping is being a process of documenting financial transactions of business and serves to be a parent to accounting, which is the process of evaluating, analyzing, interpreting, compiling and reporting financial data of the business.

It's being a familial process for medium-sized and small businesses to outsource their Bookkeeping and accounting. Bookkeeping includes regulative parameters and process-oriented variations, it's being superior options to have bookkeeping firms in Dubai maintain it as a vender to one’s firm.

To Outsource Accounting and Bookkeeping, is always a positive move for any business as it allow top level management to concentrate on growth of their business rather than puzzling with accounts of company.


VAT Services

VAT, value added Tax is introduced in UAE from Jan1, 2018. It is implemented on most of the goods and services, keeping few out of it. Standard rate of VAT in UAE is kept very low at 5%. All Business in UAE have to make certain changes in their business and procedure to adopt this tax system and comply with the legal requirement. Government have defined process for registration and reporting of VAT in UAE. All those business who have registered themselves for VAT have to file their monthly / quarterly VAT return as prescribed by the Federal Tax Authority. FTA also defines threshold limit for registration of VAT. This is applicable to all companies registered in UAE. Many Business in UAE are getting penalties for non-compliance with Law. For all business, it's a continuous challenge in managing VAT.


Training & Consultancy

With the VAT Introduced in UAE, every business must possess knowledge about VAT and how VAT is operative on to their business. As this is first time for any Tax executed in UAE, every business is puzzled with new law. Even small misunderstanding can lead to penalties. It is always a good thought to have basic learning and efficient consultant who can guide you with your queries and suggest best practice. We at Parsh, have elementary guidance program that were resultant to many SME’s in UAE.

Our Guidance program includes:

  • VAT for your Business
  • Penalty for non-compliance.


Startup Services

New Business registrations have been invariably appreciated in UAE. UAE with its global existence and encouraging turnout is one of the favored terminal for trade. UAE offer existent to each person with its discrete model of business. There are main land and various free zones across UAE. Dubai being the commercial capital attract many investors and tender quick registration system. We are Parsh, assist new investors with best business model in UAE.

Our services include:

  • Determining Business requirement. It includes decision whether to set us business in Main Land or free zone. Free zone offer 100% ownership in Business.
  • Finding local sponser for your business in Main land.


Financial Health Report

Just like regular health check up of human body or any automobile, our business also need regular check up of accounting, finance , cash flow and performance of Business. Administration and Finances of company need timely support from experts. With the profound knowledge of International taxation and UAE vat Law, our professionals can help your business perform exceptional. We provide comprehensive accounting and VAT services. We at Parsh, are providing exceptional services and business solutions to small and medium enterprises. We ensure timely reporting of financial reports.

Our service include:

  • Budgets and Forecasting of Company
  • Cash Flow Management and Control


Back Office Support

Handing over the day-to-day management of your business is not handing over control. Back office team of company are group of people who are not client facing and handling day to day activities of Business. They carry out functions for manintaing records, clearing and processing records, bookkeeping, day to day compliance etc. Efficient Back office team ensures smooth functioning of the business. Since Back Office jobs are not required to be present for client relations and other externally facing tasks, many companies have chosen to outsource Back Office needs. We are ready to support small and medium level enterprises that need the service.

Scope of Work:

  • Data entry for day to day transactions.


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